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Pawsh Pet - Doggy Day Care

Our Doggy Day Care can benefit both you and your pet

Benefits Most Dogs

Decreases and/or Eliminates Destructive Behavior

Special Attention

This indoor/outdoor service is of great benefit to dogs of all types and sizes.

Dogs get out of the house and are provided an outlet for excess energy.  Eliminate your landlord’s fears of possible destruction to property and/or noise.

Our facility can provide any medication, shots, ointments or supervised confinement that your pet may need.

Separation Anxiety


Dogs Are Social Animals


Dogs can be destructive when left alone. Doggy Day Care helps relieve separation anxiety.

A dog’s natural behavior as a pack animal allows them to learn discipline and hierarchy and socializes them with other dogs.  Interacting with friendly dogs and people throughout the day aides their learning of these behaviors.

Doggy day care allows your dog to run, jump, and roll. This exercise can also help curb obesity.

Veterinarian Recommended

Most veterinarians agree on the above benefits of doggy daycare.

We treat your pets as our own and know that they deserve the very best!

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