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Bonded and Insured

Pawsh at Home

Pawsh at Home is a Licensed, Bonded and Insured pet sitting service in your home. Pawsh at Home is a life saver for many pet owners who want their pets taken care of professionally in their familiar surroundings rather than at an unfamiliar place.

Pawsh at Home works well for all pets including shy, geriatric or special need pets. Families with multiple pets enjoy this service from reliable providers. Services are also available for horses, fish, birds, and other furry family members!

Call 407.654.7297 for complimentary visit!

Pawsh at Home will conduct a complimentary visit to your home for an initial introduction of our services to you and your pet(s). Our licensed and insured employee will review our rates and contract forms.

Rates will depend on:
  • Number of visits per day
  • Number of pets
  • Distance from our Pawsh Pet facility