Pawsh Pet – Dog Grooming & Spa
Top quality grooming and spa services for your pet

Cat & Dog Grooming

Dog Bath

Includes ear cleaning, nail trim, wash (shampoo and conditioner if needed) and dry. Also comes with complimentary bandana or bow and cologne if desired.

Mini Dog Grooming

Mini dog grooming includes all Dog Bath services plus a sanitary cut (belly and rear) and a light face, feet and tail trim.

Full Dog Grooming

Full dog grooming includes all Dog Bath and Mini Dog Grooming services plus a full body hair cut in the style of your choice.

Dog A La Carte Selections

These options include nail trim, nail polish, teeth brushing, anal gland expression, de-matting, sanitary cut, hand dry, de-shedding.

Cat Bath

Includes ear cleaning, nail trim, wash and dry. Also comes with a complimentary bandana and cologne if desired.

Cat Groom

Includes all Cat Bath services plus a full haircut or shave down. Our most popular styles are Lion Cut (shave starts after front legs) and Sunflower cut (shave starts at neck).

All pets must show proof of current rabies vaccination in order to be groomed (Required by law).

Spa Services

Basic Pet Massage – 15 Minutes

Our basic pet massage. We use techniques to relax your pet and stimulate body awareness. 15 minutes of indulgence no pet should be without!

Blueberry Facial:

Treat your dog to the all-natural, hypo-allergenic, tearless and aromatherapeutic Blueberry Facial. Developed by the South Bark Dog Wash in California, this is a relaxing and face-brightening massage for your pet! Dogs enjoy the special attention to their face while having the Blueberry Facial gently massaged into their fur and skin. It can also be used as an all-over brightener on special request. For breeds that are prone to getting stinky faces (Bulldogs, Shih-Tzus, etc.)this is great for freshening them up!

Spa services are not intended to diagnose or treat specific health issues and are not a substitute for traditional medical or veterinary care.