Corey Gaumond With Dogs

Pawsh Pet – Dog Training
Full service dog training for you and your canine friend

Dog Training Services

  • Group Classes in our fully equipped facility, Basic, Puppy, and Advanced Obedience.
  • Board & Train (Private Lessons with your pet while boarding at Pawsh Pet)
  • Socialization in Group or Private Setting.
  • Behavior Issues can be addressed either at Pawsh Pet or in your home: such as aggression, biting, potty training, fighting, destructive behavior.

About the Trainer:
Corey Gaumond

Pawsh Pet trainer Corey Gaumond has been working with dogs his whole life.  His mother—a certified professional groomer and breeder of German Shepherds—had surrounded him with dogs since his childhood, teaching dogs agility, obedience, and confirmation.  Corey spent ten years of his youth helping her raise and train the pups to find a great home.  This gave him a passion for dogs, even at a young age.  After graduating high school, Corey began working at boarding and daycare facilities.  That’s where he learned how to care for and handle multiple dogs of any temperament.  Most of the dogs Corey comes in contact with have been shy or scared of people, but have become friendly and trusting under his care.  For over two years, he managed a kennel, taking care of everything from bathing, nails, to training.
Corey Gaumond
In 2018, Corey Gaumond met Martin Deeley of Florida Dog Trainer, who has been an internationally-renowned trainer for over thirty-five years.  After working for Martin for a week, he let Corey take an introductory course in dog training with an E-collar.  After completing the course and receiving his certificate, he became Martin Deeley’s apprentice and stayed with him for over two years, training over one hundred dogs.  The range of breeds which Corey has trained includes Golden Retrievers, Labradors, German Shepherds, Vizsla, Doodles, and hunting sporting breeds like German Pointers.  Corey has also trained smaller breeds, including Maltese, Chihuahuas, and mixed breeds.
Corey with Certificate
It doesn’t matter the size, speed, or temperament; Corey can train your dog.  He has a twenty-one-day advanced dog training certificate—including the use of remote electronic training collar—from Martin Deeley & James Hamm’s International School for Dog Training in Texas.  During this training, Corey trained twenty-two dogs in three weeks.
Corey’s main objective is to get the best possible outcome for you and your pet.  He has a passion for training dogs and loves his career.  He’s able to teach basic on-&-off leash obedience, place work, and recall as well as socializing in busy areas with humans, with dogs, and then with both together.  Not only will Corey train the dog, he will also teach you how to preserve your dog’s good behavior, correctly and easily.  His motto is “To make every dog a Forever companion.”

About the Training

Pawsh Pet training In-house classes are limited to 10 dogs. Each class runs for 8 weeks and is an hour long. The first night is spent with the owners only concentrating on their role with their pet.

What will the owners learn to teach their dogs?

  • House manners
  • Doggy Daycare & Training Available (Call for Details)
  • Board & Train Available (Call for Details)
  • Basic Commands: sit, stay, come, leave it, go to your bed
  • Greeting strangers
  • Walk on loose leash without pulling
  • Socialization techniques

The highlight of the class is that you will be taught how to train your dog to do something other then what you learned in class. This will enable the owner to continue additional training at home.

Class Supplies Needed: Non-retractable leash, collar, your dog’s favorite small soft treat such as liver or chicken. These items are available at Pawsh Pet.